RRWC Ströby, Denmark 02.07.2016

Ok, here we go...

We have had an amazing time at the showground, it's kind of hard to belive!

On friday we attended the Swedish World Congress Show with 169 entries and Tiyo won a HUGE championclass (20 bitches) with CQ. Then she went on winning Best bitch for judge Ann Woodrow, UK.

Judging the final was Sue Simper, UK, who judged the males, and she picked out Tiyo as her BOB!

Tiyo also won Best Head and Best Movement! 🎉🎈🎊

Today we attended the Danish World Congress show. Judging the bitches was Orit Nevo, Israel, and she picked Tiyo as her championclass winner after much consideration. Then we ran like maniacs in Best bitch and after a LOT of running she finally placed Tiyo as her Best bitch! We also recieved Danish Club certificate with this win! Smiley smile:)

Judging the final was Rosemary Green, Australia, whom judged the males. She finally placed Tiyo as her BOS!

As I said, AMAZING!! ❤️ Thank you ALL for your congratulations and kind words both here on FB and in real life. And congratulations to Fridays BOS CH Anzantras The Fifth Dimension and owner Paula Pukk and to Saturdays BOB Villagedogs O'Red October and owner Dorothy McGoldrick! /Johanna, proud breeder, owner and handler

Thanks to all of you amazing people around the world for congratulations and nice words about Tiyos success on RRCW exhibitions in Sweden and Denmark.

I am a very proud breeder today ( and mom ) and I would also like to thank Peter  who keeps Tiyo in shape with exercise. Tobias our son , who always takes care of the dogs when we are away . I myself do not show anymore when I have the world's best handler Johanna, so I take care of the next generation breeder and handler Amelia instead. Thanks best family and thank you to everyone who bred the dogs in previous generations , without you there would have been no Tiyo and without each other , we would not have managed .

The only thing I wish is that I had to be with the Congress and the shows and met all of you! Love to you and hope that we meet at the next Congress anywhere in the world! /Susan

Photos: Monika Pehr

Vicki Moritz and Ninni Stener

The day after picture....don't everyone have morning coffee with their trophies?! 😂