Nordic Winner 2015 Stockholm 13-12-2015

I'm still totally in the air after yesterdays winnings!

Tiyo won a VERY strong championclass with CQ and the critique:

3 year old, stunning, sound, all quality"

She then went on winning a very big best bitch class and thereby gaining the titel NORD W-15 and once again qualifiying for Crufts 2016. Finally we went up next to a beautiful young male, That's Obvious Absolut The Blessed, for BOB and BOS and WON!!!

I thought that Tiyo would be tired after all this so I didn't expect much in the groupfinal. And when I saw that almost ALL breeds in group 4/6 (36 different breeds) was represented I really thought "ok, we'll go in and show how pretty we are and be happy with that..." but Tiyo had other stuff in mind and went in and gave her ALL! She almost made me cry running in, she felt so happy and PROUD ❤️ And it must have shown cause she managed to get placed 4'th best in group 4/6!

Tiyo also put a golden ribbon on the day by winning the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback Clubs Golden list 2015, both sexes!!

THANK YOU ALL WHO STAYED TO CHEER US ON! Thank you all who congratulated both IRL and on FB/MSG/SMS. And thank you to all the judges whom has helped us to get to where we are today! Because Tiyos full name is now NORD W-15 EUW -15 C.I.B* NORD UCH Emoyeni's Dot Titiyo BISS 15.

And congratulations to all other winners!

It was an emotional day yesterday, thank you all for celebrating with us! ❤️❤️❤️

And most of all, thank you dad, Peter , for doing the everyday work. For always driving everywhere, for supporting and just being there. ❤️

Johanna & Susan

Emoyeni's Kennel