On February 8, it was time to go to Norway for a brief meeting with Titiya's proposed boyfriend Noah. After we encountered the worst snow masses since the 1980's "about 80-100 cm" on arrival at Ann Kristin and Noah, it felt a little cloudy with a mating that night in the dark and snow up to the stomach.

So we let the couple greet each other and then we thought we were going to the hotel. After 4 hours in the car were both dogs and we were stiff, tired and hungry.

So we thought a little play for those who love kranka and then we try to pair the next day.

This was not what we planned, but Titiyo quickly showed Noah that "YES" today is the day and then the first couple was ready


So fond of the evening's quick results, we drove back to a couple of comfortable beds and a brilliant meal at Scandic Gardemoan.

After a good night's sleep and a fantastic breakfast buffet, we felt ready for a new trip up the mountain, a new power sample of the snow masses.

When we arrived, Titiyo and Noah made it clear that the visit absolutely did not have to be long if it was only due to them. We thanked them for their dedication and quickly hurried to Ann Kristin for a cup of coffee and a little hug with Ann Kristine puppies who were 4 weeks old at the time.

When it quickly darkened, we decided to stay another night at Scandic Gardemoan. The journey home to Sweden had to wait until the next day.

After arriving at the hotel, the weather would seem to be a joke and a splendid snowfall made the winter scenery outside the hotel even more amazing.

It was a satisfied family who fell asleep at the hotel after dinner and little relaxation in one of the hotel resturants.

So now the waiting times begin and hopefully we will know if Titiyo is pregnant in about 3 to 4 weeks.

CIB, NORD CH, NO CH, SE UCH, DK Ch, EUW-2015 Nordic W-2016 Emoyeni's Dot Titiyo BISS 2015 aka Titiyo was exhibited at the Stockholm International Dog Show and Swedish winner 2016 December 3 before Judge Mrs. Liz Cartledge Argus eyes. Titiyo and Johanna avslutatde year with yet another second place and Res CACIB beaten by a paw !!

Today's great joy came to be about the prestigious award as Sweden's most winning Rhodesian Ridgeback in 2016 "Gold dog list" that conquered by Titiyo again this year !!! Titiyo won Gold Dog list in 2016 and became the most winning Rhodesian Ridgeback for the second year in a row. "2015-2016" that of both males and females, also for the second year in a row. Johanna Falk and Titiyo together an unbeatable team that year after year pleases us here at home on Emoyeni Kennel.

Little Stockholm International Dog Show 2 Dec. 2016. Titiyo ended this years last show weekend by becoming second best bitch with Res CACIB under judge Torbjörn Skaar Sweden.

SUCH Emoyeni's Dinah Dot Com

*2007-06-17 ✝ 2016-12-05

You left an enormous hole in our heart when you peacefully fell asleep in Peter lap.

We walk around today and wonder where you are but you are gone for good.


We miss you so much.

Tiyo and Akila attended BISS 2016 the 28'th of august being placed 5'th best bitch and 10'th best bitch!

Photo: Elin Kim

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Tiyo won BOB and BIG 3 at SKK Int Show in Askersund the 14'th of august 2016!

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Alba were BIS Veteran and Tiyo 3'rd best bitch at SRRS Clubshow in Askersund the 13'th of august 2016!

Photo: Malin Dybeck

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Tiyo won BOS at the RRWC show in Strøby 2nd of July 2016!

Photo: Vicky Moritz

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Tiyo won BOB, Best Head and Best Gait at the RRWC Show in Lund 1st of July 2016!

Photo: SRRS

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Tiyo were BOB at Nordic Winner 2015 in Stockholm and then placed as BIG-4!

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Titiyo won BOS at European Winner Show in Oslo, Norway, 2015!

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NDS Ljungskile, Sweden 22-06-2015

BOB: SE DK UCH Emoyeni's Dot Titiyo

BOS: NO UCH RidgeDogs Glorious Akinzo, CAC

Judge: Liz-Beth C Liljeqvist

Tiyo BISS-2015 at Kungsängen, Stockholm 12-07-2015

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Tiyo BIS-3 at Lidköping 2015!

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Today, these three amazing girls has taken their aptitude test in tracking! SE UCH Emoyeni 's Ice Age Abidemi , Ave Caesar Bititi Ewas and DK UCH SE UCH Emoyeni 's Dot Titiyo BISS - 2015. Thanks Elena and Willy that you organized this today, thanks for cake and champagne , we had a lot to celebrate today!

Photo: Elena Kovalchuk

Great news from NDS in Borås!

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